Monday, November 12, 2018


I was of a mind to post this yesterday, but life got in the way as I have spent two days and nights staying with my son, The Prince, while he was in hospital.  He is out now and doing well.  
So, onward we go.

This is a picture taken of my father before he entered World War 1 (the war to end all wars, remember?) taken when he was 22 in 1914.  I imagine that he enlisted and was not inscripted.  Did they have a draft then?  I don't know.
I have his discharge papers but no enlistment records.

My father served on three ships during his time in the service.  I believe that he was a cook on all three ships, the largest of which was the USS Wilhelmenia.  This large ship was used to transport men (and some women who acted as nurses or stenographers and such) to Europe and, unfortunately, to bring wounded and dead back to our shores.  One time, years ago after my mother's death when I was going through family genealogy papers and pictures, I found online a picture of the crew of the Wilhelmenia and there he was, big as life, in his "cookie" whites.  I wish I had that picture but I can no longer find it online.  Shame!
This picture is of him on one of his ships in his dress blues!
Handsome dude!

Here he is in his dress "whites" in Brest, France 1918-1919 as he noted at the bottom of the picture.  From what I can gather, Brest was the dock on which men were let off the boat and the dead were loaded onto the boat.  

When my father returned home to New York late 1919, he resumed his less-than-magnificent career in Vaudeville.  
Of course, by that time, and after missing over three years on stage and in "show business" and as vaudeville was coming to an end with the advent of other forms of entertainment, such as family and children's programs on the radio, his was a short-lived career after the war.  
This is a picture of him in a skit on stage after his return from the war.

As my father, George Albert, was already on his second wife and had a very small child, he needed to find an avocation that would 
pay the bills and take care of his family.  
Odd jobs it was and they were varied and many.  
As he only had a sixth grade education, even then, it was difficult to compete for even the most lowly employment when you had not much education.  
Within just a couple of years thereafter, about 1937, I believe, he lost his wife and sent his young daughter to be raised by her aunt on her mother's side.  
Back to looking for work he went.  And he went everywhere in New York and New Jersey for employment in order to feed himself 
and send money for his daughter, Joyce Marie.  
This is a picture of my father around that time at Jones Beach in New York.  
He always wore that Navy cap of his.  
When he died, my brother got the cap from his Navy trunk and when my brother died a couple of years ago, 
his son got the Navy hat.  
Yes, the same nephew of mine who will get my 
loved Gibson guitar this month.

So on this official day of commemoration of Veterans Day and the end of the "war to end all wars", 
I think of my father and all the others who fought 
and died in the trenches 1914-1919.  
It was then we began to invent and use "weapons of mass destruction",
 such as the battle tank and mustard gas.  
Aren't we proud?

Friday, November 09, 2018

Wednesday Words on Friday

I am going to try this once and see what happens.  It is called Wednesdays Words on Friday.  You can find the original post here.

Another Shooting

Another mass shooting in the United States.  First one we have had for a week.  What a shame.  How awful.  Sending thoughts and prayers your way.  Of course, Donald has said nothing because he does not care for California because they don't particularly like him.  It happened this time in a large country and Western bar near Thousand Oaks.  The purpose of the people in the bar that night was to celebrate College Night.  There were students there (and killed) from California Lutheran University, Pepperdine, and Moorpark College.  I have pictures of my son jamming with his little band when he attended CLU.  Well, it is now one day later and our people have again patched up another little hole in their hearts and will move on to other things, other problems, other life issues until the next time....maybe next week.

Friday, November 02, 2018

Sum & Substance

This has been a wonderful week.  Warm temperatures to start the week.  
Lots of sunshine and a light breeze.  Lots of walks with Duvet.  

At the school across the street there is a huge rock that gets painted over 
and over and over again.  Sometimes once a week, sometimes once a day, and sometimes... more than one time per day.  
This summer I asked the children next door what the deal was with the rock.  They told me that for $20, parents or a student are allowed to paint the rock to celebrate a birthday of a child or a home run in baseball or just because.  
That $20 is then used for the school and playground equipment 
and other supplies as needed.  I have since found out that most of the elementary schools in this county have a similar rock on their grounds.

Now while I am happy that there is parental involvement in this way, it makes me really angry that our schools and the teachers and students are not fully funded by our state.  Why should teachers have to have three jobs in order to feed their families?  Why is our education system so miserable?  Grrrrr!

Anyway, the rock was pretty on Monday.

On Tuesday - really Monday night - the weather changed.  
There was a 36 degree F drop in temperature between Monday afternoon and Tuesday afternoon.  With our first measurable snowfall.  
I love Colorado!!

That's the day we took Duvet up to Evergreen to see his groomer.  I must find one down here, I suppose, but she does a great job, she needs the money, and I spend some time visiting friends while Duvet is with her.  

Of course, by Wednesday it was all melted.  
Wednesday afternoon, I went and picked up my new glasses.  Yes, I do see better.  No, not perfectly.  Can't expect miracles, now can I?  
But, they are cute on my face and (after all!) that's important too!

Yesterday, I tried some more Alcohol Ink on Yupo paper.  Each of these is on a half sheet of 9x12 paper . 
Looking at them, one might think they were painted by two different people, they are so different.  
I do love bright colors, tho.

I think this is my favorite on the Yupo

I see a little baby playing in the grass.  Do you?

Now, we wait in anticipation for the election next week.  It is really scary.  And, now Donald has sent 5,000 troops to the southern boarder to goad up some more hate and racism in his "base".  Even tho the caravan of people wishing to apply for asylum in this country is at least a thousand miles away.  And, most will either turn back or stay south of our boarder anyway.  Donald.....fuck off!

I asked the Princess if she had voted yet and she said no.  I asked her if she had a mail/drop in ballot and she said yes but she wanted to wait till election day and go to the poll and go into the little booth and close the curtain and vote.  That way, she said, she felt like maybe her vote would make a difference.  Bless her!

I think I will go back to watercolors this week.  And sewing potholders.  You all have a wonderful weekend, hear?