Thursday, July 19, 2018

Good Things #2

You know, I know a lot about gardening vegetables but I really can't identify or talk about trees or flowers or bushes.  It's a shortcoming, I know.  One of many.  Love taking pictures, but don't know what I am looking at!

 The garden here is just wonderful.  Good thing #2 . The # 2-1/2 good thing about this rental home is this very tall, very wide tree or bush.  It is right up against my kitchen window.  The leaves are very strong and pretty.  It had a lot of buds on it the day we moved in and now it is beginning to have massive new blooms every day.  Isn't it beautiful?

Can anybody tell me what it is?  It is very strange.  The buds are blue and when they fully open, the flowers are pink.  Isn't that odd?

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Gibson Girl

Ahhhhh.  The memories.  These are pictures I took of my old Gibson 6-string, acoustic guitar.  I bought it in 1967.  It plays beautiful music, still.  I really want to sell it as I just don't have much room where we are going.  But, my children put their feet (foots?) down and said absolutely not!  So, I will find room.

The 60's was a great time to be a young adult. It was also hard and we went to some dangerous places and did some dangerous things.  
It was a passionate time of coffee houses, war protests, 
free love, flower children, 
drug use and political awakening and conflict.  
I participated especially in the political conflict and war protests.

I did all this for a couple of years with this
guitar slung on my back.  

She was my best friend for a few years.

The precious case, still with words and chord changes on a piece of legal pad
folded up where I kept the pics and extra strings.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


This is Tuesday.  I had a post in mind for today.  But I'm not in the mood now.  In fact my mood is rather dark today.  Which almost never happens.  I am, in case you don't know, a wonderfully happy, upbeat, interested and interesting person.

Well, not today.  I will not be going into much detail.  Suffice it to say that I had an appointment with my retinologist yesterday and the news was not great.  I have been so hopeful since the third surgery on my right eye in May.  I even started this new blog!  But, here we go again......back on the merry-go-round.

Anyway, I will be my usual happy-go-lucky self in just a couple of days.....I promise.  In the meantime.....anybody have a funny joke you can tell?   It can even be off-color.  Just need a laugh.

The oldest merry-go-round in California....near Sacramento