Sunday, September 16, 2018


Yesterday, as during every September, we make the trip to our special spots to view the Quaking Aspen in their glorious fall coats.  I must say at the outset that this is probably the worse year for colors in this area that we have ever seen.  It just must be the enduring heat wave we have had every day of this month.  And, no nights yet below 60 degrees F.  I think that the minute the leaves begin to change, they get burned up by the heat!  But, what do I know?

We got Lorenzo out, put the top down, 
grabbed our hats and the sun cream, 
made peanut butter sandwiches and apples and carrots to take with us, 
(Big Bear makes the best PB&J sandwiches),
snapped up the dog (he dislikes riding in the Mercedes!) 
and away we went.

We took route 470 to Morrison where we took route 74 through 
Idledale and Kitterdge.  Between those two villages, we stopped  at
 Lair-o-the Bear state park and walked beside Bear Creek for awhile.  
Duvet, the dog, didn't mind getting out of that car.

 Back in the car, we headed to Evergreen and the Evergreen Parkway to Squaw Pass Road.  I think it might be highway 103 . We passed Squaw Mountain to the south and Echo Mountain on the north.  We usually stop at Echo Lake State Park as it is so beautiful and you can walk around the lake, but it was so crowded that there was no parking anywhere.  Echo Lake is also where you would normally turn for the drive up to the top of Mt. Evans.  
However, that road closes after Labor Day.  

We continued on 103 until we neared Chicago Creek 
where we stopped and had our lunch and enjoyed the beautiful fresh air 
and the sound of the waterfall that is there. 

Then we made our way to Idaho Springs, where, once again, I forgot to take my camera on our little walk to the community park where we indulged in a little ice cream.  The dog and I were sitting on a bench while Big Bear went for the treat.  I realized there are still some things he does not know about the western world when I had to explain to him (when he was so happy that he found a new flavour of ice cream) that I had eaten dreamsicle ice cream when I was a kid.  Shaped like a popsicle but it was ice cream with an orange crusty outside.  Remember?

Chicago Creek stopoff

Then we made our way home with Lorenzo's top up as we had all had enough sun for one day.  Back home for a lovely evening meal in the peaceful garden.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Root River

When we were in Minnesota recently,  we visited a couple of places where we had never been before. On one day trip, we were able to walk a ways beside the Root River and we visited two little towns along the river.  Chatfield and Lanesboro.

The Root River itself is a long waterway in southeastern Minnesota that is great for fishing, rafting, boating and skiing or skating in places, depending on the season of the year.  There is also a trail along the river that is wonderful for biking or walking and, in places, you may camp overnight along the trail and river.

 Big Bear and I were not so adventurous as all of that so we just walked a mile of the trail near Lanesboro, where the river runs right through the small town.  As we visited in the middle of the week, we were not part of the huge crowds that we had been told flock to this town on the summer weekends.  I thought it an Amish village but I saw no signs of that (as in no Amish quilts or Amish peanut brittle!).  We did visit a wonderful, non-profit art store tho, that featured several artists working in unusual forms.  Had a tasty German lunch and a beautiful rhubarb crisp for dessert.  (We try not to call it dessert when we share a piece of sweet something and it is in the middle of the day.  Makes us feel less guilty.)

We then visited another village called Chatfield which is just upriver a few miles from Lanesboro.  A lovely little town with lots of parks.  I never did find the music library that I read about being there.  Supposedly, it is a world famous lending library of sheet music from the big band era.  After we left Chatfield and were almost back to Rochester, I thought that I should have asked where the public library was.  Maybe those pieces of music are housed there.  Oh, well.  Opportunity lost, as they say.

A couple of days later, on a rainy day, I sat down to draw and paint what I remembered.

"Memories of the Root"

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tree Lady

There is a wonderful artist who lives in Evergreen by the name of Tom Ware.  You can read more about him and his amazing life and his art here and here

There are a few large sculptures around Evergreen that he completed and installed for that lovely community that I used to call home.

This one is in front of the Library

And, this one stands in front of a fire station in northern Evergreen.

And then there is this smaller one, which is mine.
One of my most prized possessions.  
 Tree Lady.  

I won her in an auction at the Evergreen Community Theatre 
about ten years ago.  
Mr. Ware had donated her to raise money for that 
most wonderful theatre.  
Sometime soon, I will post about 
this theatre and my association with it.  

These two pictures were taken 
when I was packing up our home in Evergreen 
and I was getting ready to crate her up.  
For sure, these are not the best pictures and I promise 
to show you better pictures when she is finally in a place of honor 
in our new home next year.

Isn't she fantabulous????????

Thank you, Tom Ware!